Phuture Vol 25

Phuture is an educational/scientific publication of the International Pharmaceutical Students’ Federation (IPSF) published annually, which aims to promote research by providing a platform for students and recent graduates to publish research articles, reviews, and abstracts.

The theme of “Phuture #26” is: Innovations and Sustainability in Pharmaceutical Science and Practice

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Phuture #26, a captivating publication featuring multi-themes regarding the latest trends and advancements in pharmacy practice:

1️⃣ The Emergence of Artificial Intelligence in Pharmacy Practice ?

Discover how artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the field of pharmacy, from automated drug dispensing systems to AI-driven patient care.

2️⃣ Pharmacogenomics in Precision Medicine ?

Explore the fascinating world of pharmacogenomics and its role in tailoring medication treatments to individual patients, leading to more effective and personalized healthcare.

3️⃣ Media's Role in Combating Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) ?

Learn about the significant role media plays in raising awareness about antimicrobial resistance and how it can contribute to combating this global health challenge.