IPSF produces and distributes many publications during the year, as it is very important for us to be in permanent contact with our members and pharmacy students all over the world. Our goal is to disseminate as much information as possible about our members to others, in order to motivate others to become actively involved in their education and profession.

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Student Exchange Programme

How long will my Exchange last?

This is dependent on the association you choose. The period can vary from 2 weeks to 2 months,  as long as you fulfill the minimum requirement of 40 hours of internship.

Does the Student Exchange Officer arrange Visas for incoming students?

No, it is the incoming student's responsibility to apply for a Visa in a timely manner. The student can ask for the Invitation Letter from the host SEO to support his/her Visa application, but all other tasks involving visa procedures is the student’s responsibility.

When is the deadline for SEP application?

Most of the associations have different deadlines set. To find this information please contact your home association's Student Exchange Officer. In case you would like to apply as Individual Member please contact the Individual Member Exchange Officer at [email protected]

Can I participate in SEP more than once?

Yes, it is possible to participate in SEP more than once if permitted by your home association’s regulations. However, this can not be done in the same SEP year. A SEP year runs from the month of October to September of the following year.

I may not be able to afford to go on SEP. What financial assistance does IPSF provide to students?

There is the IPSF SEP Grant available. 

Eligible candidates must be currently studying for their pharmacy undergraduate degree (first pharmacy degree) or a recent graduate of their first pharmacy degree (up to four years after the date of their graduation). An applicant may be an IPSF member through an IPSF Member Organization (Full Member or Member in Association) or as an Individual Member.

For applicants who participate in Winter SEP (October-March), they may only apply for the grant after their Student Exchange Application Form (AF) is either marked PLACED or SUCCESSFUL in the SEP database.

For applicants who participate in Summer SEP (April-September), they may only apply for the grant after their Student Exchange Application Form (AF) is marked PLACED in the SEP database.

The SEP Grant covers part of the travel expenses (bus, train or plane tickets) from the applicant’s home country to the country in which the exchange occurs and the SEP fee.

The grant will be paid only after completion of the exchange and submission of the required documents.

The total number of grants awarded will be decided on after the deadline for receipt of applications and will be dependent on the total number of quality applications received and on the grant budget available.  

Application process

An application must contain the following documents, all in English:

  1. A completed SEP Grant application form (including a motivational letter);
  2. A letter of support from an authority figure from the student’s Faculty/University (Dean, Vice Dean, Professor) OR from the president of the student’s association;
  3. Proof of the applicant's income and outcome stating the average monthly salary per member of the family (the original document and the one  translated to English);
  4. Proof of received studentships/scholarships, stating the amount of money received per month/per year, if applicable (the original document and the one translated to English);
  5. Proof of pay check/job salary, stating the amount of money received per month/per year, if applicable (if an applicant has a part-time/full-time job) (the original document and the one translated to  English).

All the financial documents translated to English must be validated (signed) by an authority figure from the student’s Faculty/University (Dean, Vice Dean, Professor) OR by the Contact Person (CP) of the student’s association.

Priority will be given to the applicants who:

  1. Are in their last year of studies;
  2. Have never received a SEP Grant;
  3. Submit a very detailed and transparent application;
  4. Write a very well structured motivation letter with valid arguments.

Note: Special attention will be given to the ratio of the income of the applicant/country of the applicant and the necessary money for SEP.


  1. All applications will be considered by the Development Fund and the Student Exchange Committee. 
  2. Successful applicants will be notified by the Development Fund Co-ordinator and the IPSF Chairperson of Student Exchange.
  3. Applications that have not  been sent  to both the Development Fund Co-ordinator and Chairperson of Student Exchange will not be included in the selection process.
How can I find out more about the countries participating in SEP?

You should select  the Student Exchange Programme tab in the IPSF website and upon clicking on the tab 'Countries', you will be directed to a list of member organizations offering SEP in the current SEP year. By clicking on each association's page, you can read more details about SEP in that country.



Can I apply for SEP even if my association is not a member of IPSF?

Yes, you can! If your association is not a member of IPSF, you can apply as an Individual Member (IM). To be eligible to apply as an Individual Member, you must be a current pharmacy student in your first degree of pharmacy or a recent graduate (up to four years after your graduation). Please contact the Individual membership Coordinator at [email protected] for further information about Individual Membership. Once you have been granted IM status, you can then follow the steps listed above to participate in SEP. Please note that your home association should be marked as ‘Individual Member of IPSF’.


Do I need to pay a fee to participate in SEP?

Yes, you do need to pay a minimum of €42 to your home association. Contact your home SEO to determine how much you need to pay. Out of the €42, €24 will be paid to IPSF as administration fee while €18 will be paid to your host association.