Slovenia, DŠFS

Total number of places per year (approximately)
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Area possibilities
  • Community pharmacy: We offer approximately 14 placements in pharmacies in Ljubljana, Maribor and Portorož (Slovenian seaside).
  • Hospital pharmacy. We offer 2 placements in hospital pharmacy at the University Medical Centre in Maribor.
  • Clinical pharmacy: We offer 2 placements in clinical pharmacy at the Golnik clicnic.
  • Research: We offer 10 placements in the research field at the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Ljubljana. Placements are provided in 5 different chairs: Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Technology, Pharmaceutical Biology, Biopharmacy and Social Pharmacy.
Length of training periods

The length of practice is usually 1 month, but can be either prolonged or shortened if necessary.

Available months and cities

SEP in Slovenia lasts from June to September. The majority of students here in July/August. As mentioned above, a full month is not required, but it is easier to arrange the accommodation if you stay from 1st to the last day of the month.

Exchanges take place in Ljubljana (the capital of Slovenia), Kranj and Domžale (in the "bus driving" distance from the capital), Maribor (our second biggest city) and Portorož, situated by the Slovenian coast.

Type accommodation

Students are accommodated in the student dorm (twin rooms with internet connection, shared kitchen and shared bathroom). Students pay for the accommodation. The price for the full month is around 100-150 EUR, depending on the type of the dorm and location.

Board, pocket money or other financial benefits/remuneration

DŠFS Slovenia provides Ljubljana city cards for public transport in Ljubljana.

Language requirements

English is required, German/Italian/Croatian can be useful as well.

Other requirements

There are no other requirements, every student is welcome to participate in SEP in Slovenia, although 1st year students do need to put more work in preparations for their practice. The majority of students are 4th and 5th year students. However, the programme of training depends on knowledge, skills and wishes of individual student.

Information on Work Permits and Visa

Slovenia is a member country of European Union (EU) and most of students do not need Visa documents. If a student needs Visa documents, SEO should be informed in time to arrange everything needed. Work permit is not needed.

Selection Procedures

There is no deadline to apply, but once the places are taken the exchange is not possible anymore. This usually happens in February.

The student is chosen by the SEO and host – SEO collects the applications and forwards them to the host, who confirms the choice in the end.

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