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Total number of places per year (approximately)
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Area possibilities

Community/Retail Pharmacy (Subject to availability) 1. Guardian 2. Watsons 3. Unity

Hospital Attachment (Subject to availability) Each hospital have their respective specialties. Do share with us your interests and we will try to accommodate them!

  • Government/Public Hospitals
  1. KTPH Khoo Teck Puat Hospital (
  2. KKH KK Women's and Children's Hospital (
  3. SGH Singapore General Hospital (
  4. NUH National University Hospital (
  5. TTSH Tan Tock Seng Hospital (
  6. CGH Changi General Hospital (
  7. Ng Teng Fong General Hospital and Jurong Community Hospital (
  • Government/Public Primary Health care Facilities (Subject to availability)
  1. Singhealth Polyclinics (
  2. NHG Polyclinics (

Research Attachments are possible to arrange, however, please list down your research interests, and you MUST be able to stay for at least 1-3 months

Industrial Attachments are available, however we are finalising the details. Most companies only take in committed students who are able to stay for at least 1 month.

Length of training periods

Usually about 2 to 6 weeks for regular hospital or community pharmacy attachments.

Research attachment should at least be 1 month, and 3 months if possible. Industrial attachment is at least 1 month.

Available months and cities

End May to End September. All year round upon request, do contact us directly to enquire.

Please enquire with us via email if you are considering doing SEP during the winter months. Preferably, DEC and FEB. However, places can be limited as most host organisations tend not to host students over the festive periods.

Singapore (We are a city-state)

Type accommodation

Students are expected to fund their own accommodation in Singapore. However the SEP team can help search for affordable accommodations and help to pair up incoming students that are staying in Singapore during the same period. This can save some money.

As a dense and built up city, accomodation may not be cheap, usually at least SGD500-1000 per month, depending on the type of arrangements.

Students are advised to do their preliminary research on accommodation options in Singapore via sites like AirBnb, or

Board, pocket money or other financial benefits/remuneration

Unfortunately, allowances or stipends are not provided for attachments. Attachments are mainly learning experience for students and students should appreciate the goodwill of hosts from taking time off their work to mentor you.

The estimated monthly cost of living or food and transport alone would be SGD 600-800.

Language requirements

Fluency in English is compulsory. (This is extremely important). The main working language. For students whose language of instruction in their institution is not English, they must demonstrate that they are proficient enough in English to communicate technical concepts and pharmacy related clinical knowledge.

Singapore has 4 official languages which include Mandarin Chinese, Tamil and Malay. As such, it would be even better if you can speak Mandarin Chinese (or Cantonese,or Hokkien/Taiwanese, or Teochew or any other Chinese dialects), Tamil or Malay.

Other requirements

Ideally at least 3 years of pharmacy school training with suitable therapeutics and clinical knowledge. These candidates would be given priority.

Please also state your interests (what fields / specialties) in your motivational letter so that we can help place you better. Do demonstrate your understanding of the sector you are interested in. This will increase the chances of getting a placement that you desire.

We would prefer students from institutions that are approved/recognized by the Singapore Pharmacy Council. This is especially so for hospital attachment and any other placements which require the application of TEP pass.

Information on Work Permits and Visa

Most organisations would require foreign students to obtain an appropriate employment pass which is done by the organisation/company taking you in. More info on Visa can be found at the following website: or approach Singapore Embassy or consulate in your country. Candidates may require the following passes, either the (training employment pass) TEP or the Work Holiday Pass. Otherwise, they can only participate as an observer or do job-shadowing during their attachment.

*****IMPORTANT***** Students are expected to pay at least SGD 330 required for the application and subsequently for the issuing of the TEP pass.

Please do a preliminary search on this site to see if YOUR INSTITUTION Is accredited by the Ministry of Manpower or the Singapore Pharmacy Council. Do understand that we will prefer candidates that are more likely to fulfil the TEP requirements for attachments in Singapore.

There have been instances in the past few years where students have been refused attachment at the last minute by the host organisation as their TEP applications were rejected by MOM. Do note that a few organisations do not require students to apply for the TEP. However, they are the minority.

*****IMPORTANT***** Other organisations might charge a one-time ADMINISTRATIVE FEE of SGD 100 to process your registration and cover the costs for your training. This usually pertains to some hospitals such as TTSH & KKH.

Selection Procedures

Last Call for incoming applications: 1 March 2023 (the sooner, the better so we can make arrangements for you). It is unlikely that we will reserve any more students from 1st April onward, due to the time required to get approval for the host and MOM itself. Please understand that April is the examination period for NUS students it will not be convenient for us to arrange any more placements at a later date. For attachments outside the summer window, please send in your application 3-4 MONTHS IN ADVANCE your expected start date of attachment. Or 6 weeks in advance for winter SEP.

Please understand that the application process for SEP attachments in Singapore is a very tedious and complex process. Students will need to submit a lot of documents from their school + immunization and serology reports to complete the TEP pass application and other administrative procedures for hospital attachment.

***Bilateral exchanges i.e. countries or associations that are willing to offer placements to our outgoing SEP students will be given priority in the allocation of placements in Singapore.

Students who indicate Singapore as their first choice will be given priority but the fnal decision depends on the host organisation.

If required, approval for an appropriate employment pass by the Ministry of Manpower of Singapore is also essential. Candidates that are more like to fulfil the requirements set by MOM for Training employment pass applicants will be given preference.

Drop me an email at [email protected] if you have further queries!

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