Sierra Leone, NAPS-SL

Total number of places per year (approximately)
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Area possibilities
  • We offer Community and wholesale pharmacy wherein student dispense, sell drugs, and prescription drugs must be approved by the pharmacist in charge or the proprietor. And also advise patients about rational use of drugs because patients usually go to community pharmacies more than hospital pharmacies.
  • Hospital pharmacy is also available wherein students work under close supervision of the pharmacist/pharmacy Technician in charge of dispensing and also in patient counselling.
Length of training periods

2 or 3 weeks. But exchange student can extend their stay as long as he/she makes proper arrangements with the SEO.

Available months and cities

The capital city Freetown, and the rural districts are also available for internship purposes.

Type accommodation

Students may have to pay for their own accommodation. Or stay with a host family. But It is necessary for students to make proper arrangements with the SEO for proper and comfortable accommodation.

Board, pocket money or other financial benefits/remuneration

Student need to provide enough money for their stay because there are lots of attractive sites and spots to visit. Transportation cost would be catered for.

Language requirements


Other requirements
  • We accept graduates and student from all years.
  • A lab coat is required and a medical reference handbook. British National Formulary will be provided to students at their place of work.
Information on Work Permits and Visa
  • Sierra Leone is a free visa country for other western African contries. You only need a valid passport from your country or state.
  • You may need a yellow card.
  • SEO will send an invitation letter to students and other relevant information concerning his trip.
  • No need for a work permit. But as professional/students you may need an attestation from your university or college. That will be a great advantage finding you suitable location.
Selection Procedures

No deadline

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