Iraq, KPSA

Total number of places per year (approximately)
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Area possibilities

Community Pharmacy. We will be offering the person to take a training in the pharmacy, dealing with our people and dispensing the medicines to them. Hospital/ clinical Pharmacy. This will include a training to a pharmacy in one of the governmental or non-governmental hospitals to deal with our people.

Length of training periods

one week _ clinical, hospital and community pharmacy all together.

Available months and cities

(10th september - 16th september) _ Sulaymaniyah city _ Erbil city (the capital city of Kurdistan) _ Duhok city

Type accommodation

The accommodation depends on the type of pharmacy work chosen, thus the student will be informed about the details once he/she applies. We will try our best to offer a student residence for him, so that he/she can accommodate for free. If not, we will be helping him to find the best suitable hostel with the most reasonable prices with a very high discount on them. Also, people here are very welcoming and cheerful, they always like to warm welcome the guests and serve them in the best way possible, so we also believe that the families can also do the accommodation for him. As we said, we will try our best to help the student to pay the minimum prices in everywhere.

Board, pocket money or other financial benefits/remuneration

We will try our best to help the student to have the minimum costs, the people here are very welcoming to the guests and sometimes they don’t accept the guest to pay. Regarding the costs and expenses, the foods and other things here are very price reasonable and we think that it will have a moderate cost on the student, we think that a budget of approximately 150$ will be good for the student to cover the extra foods and trips that he/she wants. although most of the time we will gather around together with KPSA team and the incoming students and bring food with ourselves as well as the hotels will provide free food.

Language requirements

Language requirements: _ English or Arabic ( many of the people and even the pharmacists and pharmacy students speaks both English and Arabic) _ kurdish (native language)

Information on Work Permits and Visa

No work permit is required, but you might need a visa depending on where you come from. SEO will help you and provide you with an invitation letter if needed. Our country requires visa from most of the countries, so a visa will be required from the student. - A travel type might be good for the visa. - Visa obtaining online depends on the country and their consulate here, some of the countries offer online obtain. - Obtaining the visa when entering our country also depends on the country, but in most of the cases, a visa should be prepared before entering. - Time also depends on the consulate, but we think that it might be better to apply before 1 month. - Their personal documents, such as their ID, University ID and Passport. - More info for the visa types and ways of getting it can be obtained at: - We don’t need many additional documents, health insurance and university ID are important, also they need to send them to our SEO to help him.

Selection Procedures

The selection of the students will be performed by our SEO and our Executive Committee in a transparent and equal way, in order to make sure that everyone

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