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Total number of places per year (approximately)
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Area possibilities

Community Pharmacy

Length of training periods

The exchange period will be 2-3 weeks in Cebu City, Philippines.

Available months and cities

A full month is not required. There will only be one city available, which is Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines.

Type accommodation

The type of accommodation will most likely be a hostel. It will be paid by the incoming student. We will provide around 3 hostels with different price ranges and the students can choose freely depending on their preference. We will need a deposit of 50% for the accommodation.

Lylie Hotel (H. Cortes, Mandaue City) - Php 800-1000/person/night Ford’s Inn (A.S. Fortuna, Cebu City) - Php 1000-1350/person/night Aicila Suites (Talamban, Cebu City) - Php 1350-1500/person/night

Board, pocket money or other financial benefits/remuneration

The accommodation will be paid by the student. Spending money will not be provided.

If you are interested to visit any tourist spots around Cebu, please feel free to inform your SEO so that we may arrange an itinerary for you.

Language requirements


Other requirements

Must have background and experience in COMMUNITY PHARMACY Must be familiar with drugs in the community pharmacy (generics) CV, ML Credentials and experiences especially in the pharmacy aspect

Information on Work Permits and Visa


Selection Procedures

As of now, JPPhA Pi Chapter cannot accommodate incoming students. However, as guidelines, the partner community pharmacy will have a say in the choice of the exchange student in addition to the pre-selection process stated below.

Pre-Selection Process -Must have a good academic standing -Active in extra/co-curricular activities -English-proficient -Must have done internship in the field they’re applying for -Must pass the interview (for outgoing students only)

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