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Total number of places per year (approximately)
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Area possibilities

UPDATE: in 10/2020

Mostly community pharmacy work but also research possibilities in a university. Community pharmacy work is mainly logistical, because without a licence you are not allowed to give any advice about any drugs (OTC or Rx) to customers. We highly recommend hosts to arrange possibilities to shadow a pharmacist.

Length of training periods

From 2-4 weeks, but can be negotiated with the host.

Available months and cities

Everywhere in Finland, for example in Helsinki (capital), Kuopio (city of University of Eastern Finland), Ii (near Oulu), Pori, Orimattila and Lieksa.

Time period for SEP is normally during June to August, but it depends of the hosts wish.

Type accommodation

Usually an apartment or a room in an apartment that the student has to pay for himself/herself (approx. 300-700€) or staying at the host´s home. Accommodation will be tried to manage based on the location of the host employee. A deposit of one month rent may be required, depending on the landlord. Students possible have to try find accommodation by themselves, but FiPSAs SEO will help.

Board, pocket money or other financial benefits/remuneration

The employer is recommended to pay the student a salary which is approximately 1000 € per month (before taxes). Usually the taxes are about 30%. However, THIS MAY VARY, depending on the host as some may not follow this recommendation if they are following different policies. No pocket money or spending money is provided.

Language requirements

English. There might be a benefit of Swedish or Russian language skills, especially in a community pharmacy.

Other requirements

In research SEPs it is recommendable to have at least some experience. No specific requirements otherwise.

Information on Work Permits and Visa

Students from countries outside the EU need work permits and a visa, these documents should be arranged as soon as possible. Do you need a visa for Finland? See more detailed information and the needed documentation from: SEO will provide you a letter of invitation if that if needed for your visa application. Working in Finland (Residence permit).

Selection Procedures

The SEO does a pre-selection but the final choice is made by the host employer.