United Arab Emirates, DPCSU

Total number of places per year (approximately)
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Area possibilities
  • Research: students can conduct a research in their area of interest if it's offered by Dubai Pharmacy College. The current research areas available include Pharmacology and Pharmaceutics.
  • Research Activities: An alternative choice provided that can be accomplished instead of the completion of a full research. The field of interest can be chosen according to the available courses offered by Dubai Pharmacy College.

**** COVID-19 UPDATE: Decision is yet to be made and will be updated as soon as possible. (Last Updated:  4/10/2021)

Length of training periods

The training period will be 2 weeks long and 15 hours of work should be completed per week.

Available months and cities
  • Winter SEP: November to March
  • Summer SEP: April to August, however the placements are subject to availability
  • The only available city is Dubai
Type accommodation
  • University hostel: - Paid by the students - Costs approximately 2000 AED (about 545 USD) for 2 weeks

  • In case there is no available place in the university’s hostel, the incoming students have the choice to stay in the hotel of their own preference. The hotel should be located in Dubai and it's recommended to be near Dubai Pharmacy College as the transportation fee from the hotel to the university should be paid by the students themselves.

  • The students can ask for guidance on the hotel expenses.
Board, pocket money or other financial benefits/remuneration
  • The incoming students will be granted a free entry to the DUPHAT exhibition which is held during the month of March and lasts for 3 days.
  • Unfortunately no pocket money is provided and all costs such as food and personal spending should be covered by the student.
Language requirements
  • Intermediate to advanced level of English language is required as the researches will be offered only in English.
  • Understanding Arabic might be beneficial for socializing, however it's not compulsory.
Other requirements
  • Dress code: Lab coat is a requirement only in the laboratories.
  • Applicants who are further along in their studies are prioritized, however freshmen are welcome to apply as well.
Information on Work Permits and Visa
  • Since it’s a non-paid training, no work permit is required.
  • Visa is required for the passport-holders of certain countries.
  • Visa information will vary from country to country as some countries can get visa on arrival that is valid for 30 days. For more information please visit the United Arab Emirates embassy in your country or visit this website : http://www.uae-embassy.org/services-resources/visas-passports-travel-uae

  • An invitation letter can be send by the SEO if necessary.

Selection Procedures
  • Deadline for application: At least a month before the exchange programme.
  • The selection of the incoming students for the research programme is done by: The College Educational Training Committee.
  • For more information contact the SEO: [email protected]
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