Algeria, ASEPA

Total number of places per year (approximately)
Area possibilities

Pasteur institute: Microbiology,parasitology and immunology departments of research

National Center of toxicology: Toxicology and its subdivisions,clinical and research fields are a fundamental part of a pharmacist's training

National Center of pharmacovigilance and materiovigilance : the perfect combination between the research and industry worlds.

Length of training periods

Approximately 2 to 3 weeks, depending of the request and field of internship the SEO will work on making it as flexible as possible to satisfy most of demands

Available months and cities

The period of mid-June July and September.

The internship program is mostly developed around the city of Algiers ( the capital of Algeria).

SEP tours are mainly in Algiers and approximate states, but we do offer other activities in other cities according to requests and SEP team availability, such as “Tipaza,Cherchell,Boumerdes,Blida,Boufarik,Medea and Tizi Ouzou” in the centre region of Algeria, 1 to 2 hours far away from the capital city.

Type accommodation

ASEPA has a dedicated hosting system that gives free accomodation with a host family to our incomings with the added benefits of being paired with one of our students for a full Algerian experience.

For a private stay, houses for rent are available, the SEP team will make sure to find a suitable place for your stay, near the internship places and hometown, your personal requests will be considered, make sure to contact with us (the student is required to cover all costs.

For students who want to make their own accommodations, please know that the SEO wouldn't take any responsibilities.

Board, pocket money or other financial benefits/remuneration

Unfortunately, we do not provide pocket money or other remuneration for students during their stay,however,we can offer some discounts for extra activities.

Algerian people are known for hospitality and helping foreigners, you'd be welcome everywhere without extra charges.

Language requirements

English is required as it’s well spoken by the young generation, but not the common population

French is used by most of the algerian people,it would make your daily life easier,but it’s not required

Arabic is the native language of algerians, but we don’t use it on a daily basis, we use our own dialect which is called “Darja”

Other requirements

All interested students are welcome, we do not have any additional requirements.

Information on Work Permits and Visa

Most nationalities need Visa to visit Algeria

The SEO will help you get a Visa by sending you an invitation letter ,and give you all the documents you might need.

Visit algerian embassy’s website of your country for more informations

Selection Procedures

The deadline will be communicated by mail, we’ll keep you updated

For more information contact us through this mail : [email protected]

We are so glad to have you !

Last Update : February 10th 2024

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