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Total number of places per year (approximately)
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Summer minischool on basics of clinical pharmacy care (Clinical camp) CzPSAs flagship SEP experience:

  • Main aim is to refresh knowledge and skills in pharmacotherapy to understand role of clinical pharmacists, to test required knowledge and skills in identification of drug related problems.

  • In addition to classes in the university with a clinical expert you will have placements in a local hospital as well as a full social programme.

  • For students with good clinical and pharmacology knowledge or students who want to improve it - Ideal if you want to be a clinical pharmacist

-Excursions on the weekend to various places around the country, including Prague!

  • Accommodation is in the Hradec Králové university dorms (next to the pharmacy faculty). Relatively cheap place to stay for the duration of the SEP!

  • Number of places: Max 12

To apply for this programme, please specify your interest in clinical pharmacy on your application! - Dates: Monday 22nd July - Sunday 4th August

Research: None this year 2023/2024

Hospital Pharmacy : The Silesian Hospital in Opava:

  • Students get insight of all departments. Pharmacists also explain Czech National Health System and structure of clinical and hospital pharmacy in our country. Easiest to fly to Ostrava airport if you are selected for this programme.

  • Number of places: Max 2

Community pharmacy :

  • Czech Republic offers many placements in community pharmacy. DrMax is our main placement provider. Students learn how to prepare suppositories or capsules. Pharmacists explain Czech system and structure in community pharmacy and other national specifics. Community pharmacy placements will happen in Hradec Králové , Prague and Brno
  • Hradec Králové and Prague dates: Monday 22nd July - Sunday 4th August
  • Brno dates: Monday 12th August - Sunday 25th August
Length of training periods

From one (40 hours budget SEP in community) to five weeks, upon the request, or field of internship.

Details can be discussed with the SEO.

Available months and cities

Internships will take place in Prague (capital of Czech Republic), Brno (second largest city), Opava (town in the east of Czech republic next to Ostrava, third largest city) and Hradec Králové (a regional capital where CzPSA is located) between July and August

Type accommodation

Students in Hradec Králové are placed in student dormitories. Rooms are single or double bed, equipped with fridge, wardrobe and private bathroom. Wi-Fi is available via eduroam. Kitchen is shared for each floor, equipped with cooker, microwave oven and kettle. Dishes and pots are not available. There is 24 hours reception, where students can borrow an iron, hairdryer and other things needed. The dormitory provides laundry facilities. Nearby is a shopping mall with a tesco, money exchange and ATM. There is also a student bar inside the accommodation and restaurants nearby in the town centre. Walking to the city centre takes 10-15 minutes.

Price per night is 230-400 CZK in Prague, 150 CZK in Brno, depends on length of stay. Deposit, 4000 CZK, is required, but it is given back during check out. Dormitory in Brno doesn’t require a deposit.

Board, pocket money or other financial benefits/remuneration

Unfortunately, we do not provide pocket money or other remuneration for students during their stay.

In the Czech Republic people commonly cook meals at home. So shopping at grocers and cooking at home is cheaper than eating out :)

On the other hand many restaurants and cafeterias are cheap! One famous fact about our country is that beer is cheaper than water in a restaurant! Approximate prices: Coffee, tea in a café: 50 - 80 CZK

Baked goods, pastry cakes: 10-50 CZK Beer(0,5l): 45 - 60 CZK

Wine (2dcl): 30-50 CZK

Meal in a restaurant: 120-300 CZK

Soup/broth in a restaurant: 25-40 CZK

Language requirements

English fluency

Czech language skill is welcomed but not necessary :)

Other requirements

Interest, excitement and politeness.

Documents required: Waiver of Liability

Information on Work Permits and Visa

If needed, the SEO will provide necessary documents. (Invitation letter) Getting a visa, if required, is ultimately the incoming student's responsibility!

Selection Procedures

Please apply if you're enthusiastic about pharmacy, IPSF and SEP! :D

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