The IPSF Leaders In Training (LIT) program is primarily aimed to train pharmacy students interested in taking up leadership roles at their local, national or IPSF level to become better leaders and ensure that there is a certain standard of leadership amongst new leaders every year. 
The LIT programme is also combined with the potential to help LIT participants to be successful trainers and provide the same LIT training program with the same leadership topics for their local student associations.

The programme provides useful training tools and essential leadership skills. Through out LIT, we can empower pharmacy students to develop passion towards IPSF and the spirit of LIT would also be lit up around the globe!

The IPSF has 2 training programs as below:

1. Leaders in Training (LIT):

The LIT aims to develop a quality and sustainable leadership programme for pharmacy and pharmaceutical students and recent graduates worldwide and to equip future workforce with leadership/management skills required to take on global roles in health issues, pharmacy and specifically engage with policy making. Content frameworks include leadership, management and advocacy components.
At the end of LIT participants shall become confident leaders, who will be equipped with necessary skills to take over a leadership role (local and international). Further participants will gain knowledge on IPSF´s structure and activities!

2. Trainer´s Development Camp (TDC):

The TDC aims to develop a quality and sustainable training programme for pharmaceutical students and recent graduates worldwide in order to give them with a background about experience based learning and equip with a set of skills needed for conducting trainings. IPSF trainers are able to deliver trainings within the Leaders in Training programme and other educational events (IPSF Regional Symposia, IPSF World Congress, etc.).

After participating in TDC as a trainer you will know techniques important to design/prepare/and deliver a high quality training and become part of the IPSF Trainer Family.

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