Student Exchange Program (SEP) is IPSF’s largest project, offering professional pharmacy internships. Every year, more than 900 students around the world are given the opportunity to experience the field of pharmacy in different countries. The member associations of IPSF organize the exchanges by finding host sites where the students are trained.

If you’d like to know more about SEP, please refer to our Student Exchange Program post here.

Why SEP in EMRO?

EMRO offers you the most unique IPSF SEP experience, here are 5 reasons why:

1. EMRO is Greatness.

It is the only region where you can see the Grand Pyramids of Giza – the mystery that got all scientists wondering how was it constructed, and how were tombs so modern back then, for many centuries now.

2. EMRO is Stellar.

Have you heard about Qarah Caves in Saudi Arabia? you probably should double check your definition of the word “cave” because these caves are like no other. Specially during night time.

3. EMRO is Beauty.

Your eyes might have caught pretty girls, but once you arrive in Lebanon they’d all seem like something you’d found very moderate. Prepare to get struck by the beauty of Middle-East.

4. EMRO is Delicate

We all know that what makes a great evening is a great meal. Here in EMRO, food just takes you to another world. We know you’ve had many tasty meals in your life, but Middle-Eastern is just on another level.

5. EMRO is rejoice

You’re landing in Middle-Eastern lands, where people would treat you as a family member of theirs. In EMRO, you’d always feel optimistic, as everyone and everything just smiles at you, filling you with hope and inspiration.


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