Top 5 reasons why you should attend EMPS in Kuwait 2017

You probably heard about EMPS 2017 in Kuwait this year, here are top reasons why you should attend it.

Reason #1: For nerds, geeks, work bees… etc.

There will be different sessions and workshops delivered by specialists in different fields.
And yes that includes both scientific topics and social ones. Cheer up.
If you’re interested in something that will bump your CV, this is like your golden chance.

Reason #2: Hands down, this EMPS is mine.

There will be a lot of competitions held within the symposium.
We’re also glad to announce that winners in each one of them would be awarded with valuable prizes.

Reason #3: Power to participants. Literally.

Participants will be given the opportunity to organise workshops during the symposium.
For the first time, we’re giving the participants full control of organizers and materials to shape them the way they.
So I’m not just going to sit there and watch? You can also do that, up to you mate!

Reason #4: Extroverts! Of course we haven’t forgotten about you.

Dude – you’re in Kuwait! Experience a completely new culture, new places, new people etc.
Dive into the world of IPSF that probably heard about in books but haven’t seen yet.
Psst! Kuwaitis are really amiable and friendly. wink wink.

Reason #5: Something you probably thought about.

What makes a good night out with friends? Easy – it’s food.
Kuwaiti food is like a fantasy, no words can describe how fascinating you’d feel once you put it in your mouth.
It’s awesome. Guaranteed.

Are you looking forward to attending? Visit the official EMPS 2017 Facebook page here.
For more details about this event, please refer to our full EMPS 2017 post on EMRO Events category.

Stay tuned for more announcements!