New Website!

It’s finally here!!

A few days ago we said that we’re celebrating new year in our own way. Well, that’s what we meant by “our own way”.
IPSF EMRO Website is here and it is as hot as you can imagine it would be.

Congratulations, EMRO family; you now own the best website among all regional offices!

A completely new layout

If you’re familiar with past years’ EMRO website, then you’ve realized by now how far this website has changed. We’re not talking about adding and removing some stuff, we’re talking about a completely new website here.

We’ve updated the background, colors, menu structure, pages input and even added new content.

Everything you need in one place

This build is based on maintaining everything you might look for in the website in the home page. That includes News & Updates, Latest Event Announcement, Vision and Mission for this mandate, SEP in EMRO, our Focus Projects, Regional Working Group, EMRO Subcommittees, Merchandise and finally the Contact section.

More modern outlook

We’ve added everything that makes it more modern and matching to high-end associations’ websites. Things like the featured slider, google maps integration within the Contact section, and navigation-friendly footer.

Look right and see latest additions

While viewing posts and inner pages, there’s a right side bar that has recent posts, recent comments and all website categories, to keep you posted on what’s currently trending on the website. We also added a search bar to help you find what you’re looking for

All things that are related to EMRO

Do you need to know more about anything in EMRO? Like it’s Events, Projects, Structure, Vision & Mission,… etc.
You can find them all here. Just type in the search box what you’re looking for and it will jump up to you.

EMROgies are now a part of the website

We added an extension to motivational quotes published on our social media here on the website, so if you don’t have time to open up your social media accounts and our website at the same time, we have exactly what you’re looking for to uplift your spirit.

The full EMRO Team is featured as well

This website is made for the gorgeous EMRO family, we can’t skip adding it’s members to it! We’ve added the RWG and Subcommittees all together
Are you one of the RWG / Subcommittees? Go check how you look on your website!

Merchandise support active!

In case you haven’t heard about it yet, we’re launching a new merchandise wave this year, and it’s spectacular. You can see what we’re offering in this wave and what variations available just by visiting the specific page of stuff you’re interested in.

So, is that everything?

There’s yet a lot more to discover, there are also some hidden stuff in the website, but we’ll leave all that to you. Have fun exploring you brand new website folks!