New identity line

It’s a new year, with updated vision and mission, therefore we had to update our design and identity line, so as to keep up with value targets.

Why update it?

We’re not by any means saying that past years we had a not-so-good identity, nor design line. We’re only updating it, not removing old ones and establishing completely new ones – to match the updates goals of IPSF EMRO this year.

One more thing, which is connected to our social media followers; they need to see something new every now and then, and considering that we’ve been using the same templates for about 2-3 years now, it needed be modified.

What’s new?

We were able to compose new vector layout for our identity, presented in a poly square compound-distributed vector complex with color gradient from silver to white, along with IPSF classic turquoise.

We also added 2 tapes, header tape and footer tape. The latter carries IPSF EMRO social media account addresses.

The profile picture – which is composed of IPSF logo + name of the regional office can not be changed, due to IPSF branding book restrictions. We also saw that it’s more professional that we keep the same profile picture as the other 4 regional offices.

Need illustrations? there.


These are just samples of what we managed to come up with for this mandate, you can see more on our Facebook page here.