News & Updates

This is the section where you can learn about latest updates happening in IPSF and IPSF EMRO.

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What’s going on right now?

The current News & Updates section features:

  1. New Website!
    And finally, we’re glad to announce that IPSF EMRO Official Website is now complete and live! Learn more about new stuff that’s been added to it and all updates here.
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    Shout out to Association Tunisienne des Etudiants en Pharmacie (ATEP) – you’ve been chosen by IPSF Executive Committee to host the 1st IPSF TDC-EMRO. See the announcement here.
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  3. EMRO Newsletter
    EMRO Newsletter is now published, including all things you need to know about EMRO, it’s Officers and the rest of team members! Check and download full version at ISSUU here.
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  4. New Identity line
    It’s a new year, that means the design line + identity needs refreshing! Nothing could say it louder than our current social media cover set – view Facebook ones here.
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