EMRO Bracelet

You look at your left wrist every now and then to check what time is it, now you’ll also look at your right one to recall your best EMRO moments.

“EMRO | IPSF in oriental taste.” text

Colors available


How to order

Contact your Association’s Fundraising Chairperson or President and ask them for stuff that you’re interested in, fill in required fields for your order including payment, then wait.

It’s preferable that you’d get all of your friends and order at one time, thus no one gets left behind to wait for the upcoming package delivery, which might take a while.

How do they get delivered to me?

During the nearest International Event hosted by IPSF or IPSF EMRO, all ordered items made by you and your friends from the same country are delivered to a member of your Association’s Fundraising Working Group, or an Official Delegate who’s attending this event, whom will later be able to deliver it to you via the nearest event held by your Association. 

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