EMRO Goodies

So shiny. Wow.

We promised you earlier that we’re launching a new merchandise wave and that it will be so legendary that uncle Barney from HIMYM would not be able to wait for it.
And here we are fulfilling our promise, bringing you the hottest wave in the history of IPSF! FEEL ME M8

New year means new design line!

Yep. As you can see; everything here is new, from the tiny bracelet to the 4x large T-shirt! We made them all to match current mandate’s design and identity line so what your eyes see on our social media gets reflected on what you wear and carry around with you.

What’s included in this wave?

This merchandise wave consists of 4 fabulous goodies:
1. EMRO T-shirt.
2. EMRO Mug.
3. EMRO Pin.
4. EMRO Bracelet.

Can’t… Resist… Must… Have.

We know you’re eager to get your hands on every single piece of these beauties, but unfortunately you’ll have to wait until we’ve announced that we’re officially selling them.

PS: Stuff you see here may or may not be all made, depending on current budget allowed for merchandise and how many members are willing to buy.

How do I order them?

Easy. All you have to do is contact your Association’s Fundraising Chairperson or President and ask them for stuff that you’re interested in, fill in required fields for your order including payment, then wait.

It’s preferable that you’d get all of your friends and order at one time, thus no one gets left behind to wait for the upcoming package delivery, which might take a while.

And how do they get delivered to me?

During the nearest International Event hosted by IPSF or IPSF EMRO, all ordered items made by you and your friends from the same country are delivered to a member of your Association’s Fundraising Working Group, or an Official Delegate who’s attending this event, whom will later be able to deliver it to you via the nearest event held by your Association. 


NB: We can’t say for sure that those stuff are getting published, so keep your heads up for any updates concerning this topic!

Got any questions? Message us right away on our official Facebook page.