EMRO Energizers

EMROgies are a series of motivational quotes which was first proposed by IPSF EMRO Media & Publications Subcommittee. It aims to uplift EMRO members and followers spirit and stamina.

Why was it created at first place?

It was made because we noticed a slight drop down on our social media followers engagement, merely because 80% of them have exams nowadays, so we decided to do something about it – as you know, IPSF was never about pharmacy alone.

When do I expect to see EMROgies?

Mostly EMROgies will get posted on our social media accounts during the morning & daytime.
That does not mean that we won’t publish any EMROgies at night – because it’s variable from time to time based upon how much of our followers are online.

What’s new about EMROgies?

We started shifting it more towards people of EMRO – every single member in EMRO that had an artistic photo and caught our eyes, we’d request a quote he likes along with permission to use that photo, then make an EMROgie out of them.

Do you have a fabulous photo of yourself and a motivational quote? Send them right away to our official Facebook page and we’ll post them as soon as possible!