Ms. Shrehan Ibrahim

Regional Relations Officer
 Ms. Communication

Country: Egypt


Year of study: 5th year , last year

Activities you enjoy the most: The peak of my days is centered around going out of the house, enjoying the day, and doing something useful. It could be traveling for work, going out with friends, or just listening to music in long walks.

Spoken languages: Arabic and English (fluent). I also tried learning French through Duolingo, though let’s not count it yet.

IPSF experience: EPSF CP 2015-16, Coach in Coaching Contact Persons program, Official Delegate in the 5th EMPS 2016, IPSF EMRO Regional Relations Officer 2016-17.

Funniest/Best moment in IPSF: It was last year in my very first session as a coach for contact persons. I had to illustrate a presentation then with my screen viewed in a Skype call, and I actually forgot that my screen would be exposed. Earlier I wrote all the notes needed and prepared it on my laptop, and as the call started I remembered what I’ve done! I’ve never been faster in writing or scrabbling whichever my eyes fell onto. Luckily It all ended well, and nobody noticed.

Short message to EMRO members: Being RRO means being the net that holds our member countries together, and that can’t be done without your collaboration. We need to be proactive to tighten the bounds and move to our next step. I’m eager to get in touch with all of you and I’m even more eager to share and hear the vision of our mandates. Stay focused majestic EMRO family!