Ms. Meryam Hassine

IPSF EMRO Chairperson
“Or so called.. The Boss”

Country: Tunisia


Year of study: 6th, last year.

Activities you enjoy the most: early morning jogging

Spoken languages: Arabic, French, English

IPSF experience: ATEP Public Health Chairperson 2014-15, IPSF EMRO secretary 2015-16, ATEP Official Delegate in the 61st IPSF World Congress (Hyderabad, India), ATEP Official Delegate in the 62nd IPSF World Congress (Harare, Zimbabwe), 5th EMPS (Cairo, Egypt) , IPSF representative in the WHSS 2017 , IPSF EMRO Chairperson 2016-17.

Funniest/Best moment in IPSF: It was during the Post Congress Tour in India after the World Congress. Sleeping places in the train we traveled by were the best part, when we used to spend the whole time eating, laughing and playing games, all of that was at the same place!  

Short message to EMRO members: We’ll meet in Kuwait with many achievements to talk about! We’ll be waiting for you to celebrate this together.