Ms. Jinane Ghattas

Regional Projects Officer

Country: Lebanon


Year of study: 5th year, last year

Activities you enjoy the most: My favorite activities are summarized in watching plays and theatre. I prefer live performances over cinema and movies because it’s much more authentic. I also enjoy traveling and trying new recipes.

Spoken languages: Arabic, French and English (fluent in all). I am planning to learn a fourth language, your recommendations are welcome.

IPSF experience: LPSA official delegate to the 61st IPSF World Congress (Hyderabad, India), IPSF Public Health committee for the mandate 2015/2016, IPSF delegate to the 69th WHA in Geneva in May 2016, EMRO Regional Projects’ Officer for the mandate 2016-2017

Funniest/ Best moment in IPSF: Teaching belly dancing on International nights

Short message to EMRO members: You chose us to be in the Regional Working Group. So if there is any plan or activity you would like to include in our EMRO portfolio you can just send an email and we would love to discuss it with you. I also look forward for your feedbacks to improve our work.