Mr. Bilal Al-Aarag

EMRO Secretary
Mr. Document

Country: Jordan


Year of study: 6th, last year.

Activities you enjoy the most: I love listening to music

Spoken languages: Arabic, English, French (beginner)

IPSF experience: JPSA SEO 2015-16-17, IPSF EMRO Regional Projects Subcommittee 2015-16, 60th IPSF World Congress (Porto, Portugal), 61st World Congress (Hyderabad, India) , 5th EMPS (Cairo, Egypt), IPSF EMRO secretary 2016-17

Funniest/Best moment in IPSF: On the IPSF EMRO RWG elections day in the 5th EMPS, I woke up unable to talk loudly because I have spent the previous day singing and dancing with the participants. But when the time came, fortunately I could speak with a good voice, and I was able to make it.

Short message to EMRO members: We are doing our best to be the best among all regions, with the collaboration of the EMRO associations of course. Contact us whenever you need, and I wish to meet many of you in the upcoming IPSF and EMRO events. Cheers to the EMRO Pharmily.