Ali Al-Shammari

Chairperson of 6th EMPS
Or simply.. The man of surprises

Country: Kuwait


Year of study: last year

Activities you enjoy the most: writing poems, watching football and tennis games

Spoken languages: Arabic and English

IPSF experience: attended 3 IPSF World Congresses (Slovenia 2010 , Thailand 2011, Egypt 2012) and 5 EMPS ( Jordan 2010 , Qatar 2011 , Sudan 2012 , Tunisia 2014 , Egypt 2016)

Funniest/Best moment in IPSF: Most of the people I have met in IPSF think that I am married and some of them think I have 2 wives which is not true.

Short message to EMRO members: I really encourage everyone to participate in IPSF events especially in the next EMPS in Kuwait.