EMRO Subcommittees

The rest of EMRO Team is represented as EMRO Subcommittee. which are divided into Regional Secretary Subcommittee, Regional Projects Subcommittee, Regional Relations Subcommittee and Regional Media & Publications Subcommittee.

Here are the members of each subcommittee, and their message to EMRO.

1. Regional Secretary Subcommittee

Omer Karfis – Sudan
“It’s my honor to be a member in this family, the family which has one love, one heart and indeed one spirit, the IPSF spirit. This family is EMRO, the best family I will ever have. So all of us, let’s be the best of the best, for EMRO, for our family. Viva la EMRO.”


Fadoua Boumerzoug – Algeria
“It all started in 2013 in Tanzania (2nd AfPS), where I had a taste of IPSF spirit. This has changed me into a better person. EMRO is not a place, it’s a feeling that keeps us connected, motivated and highly productive. If you’re reading this you already know what I mean. So please, feel it, love it, and be a part of it. This is what families are made for and EMRO is your family now! With love.”

2. Regional Projects Subcommittee

Roaa Soliman – Sudan
“Hello to the new world, the future 🙂 Mandate 2016-17. Prepare yourselves for an amazing and spectacular year.”


Omar Mosalam – Egypt
“EMRO people, this year is ours. United we stand, divided we fall. Prepare for a year full of challenges and great joy.”


Nuran Algohary – Egypt
“I am really interested to be within the EMRO gorgeous family this year. Wishing you all a great successful mandate.”

3. Regional Relations Subcommittee

Mustafa Hadhoud – Egypt
“Our dear EMRO members, I can’t express how proud I am to be a part of this awesome family. Wait for our tremendous work that will reflect on the upcoming years and please keep supporting us!”


Aya Khattab – Egypt
“Hala EMRO people! I am very excited to work with you for the mandate 2016-17. Take your seats, we are having a great adventure, where achievements are waiting for us.”


Sarah Hassan – Egypt
“EMRO is the power that gathers all these nations under one vision, mission & value. It is a power of one target for various mindsets.”

4. Regional Media & Publications Subcommittee

Engi El-Shamy – Egypt
“I’m really happy to be a part of the EMRO family, and I’m looking forward to achieve amazing things here. We will not waste the opportunity to make our region the best among all.”


Noran El-Maadawy – Egypt
“I’m looking forward to great things, working in the RWG. I hope I’ll learn a lot and leave a mark in EMRO.”


Mahmoud Magdy – Egypt
“Being one of the EMRO team is enough to provide you with the energy and motivation that can do more than you can imagine.”


Mohamed El-Sheikh – Sudan
“The idea of being part of the EMRO team makes me more excited to do the best.”


Omar Ewida – Egypt
“It is an honor for anyone to be a part of IPSF EMRO family, and I think I’m lucky enough to have this honor.”


Ahmed Basiony – Egypt
“Basiony is an Egyptian artist who likes to talk about himself in the third person. What a noob!”


Mohamed Akram – Egypt
“When the opportunity comes up it is waiting for you to exploit not to watch or boast, and what greater opportunity than the chance of joining such an entity.”