IPSF EMRO has people who run it, people from all countries in the Middle Eastern region.
Each has a vital role in making the regional office stand out and achieving IPSF’s vision in oriental spirit.

That team has its upper head – the RWG, and its Subcommittees.

EMRO Regional Working Group

They are pharmacy students or recent graduates from IPSF member countries of the Eastern Mediterranean region – representing the head of EMRO Team, and they are:

1. Meryam Hassine – EMRO Chairperson.
2. Bilal Al-Aarag – EMRO Secretary.
3. Mohamed Hamdy – Regional Media & Publications Officer.
4. Jinane Ghattas – Regional Projects Officer.
5. Shrehan Ibrahim – Regional Relations Officer.
6. Ali Al-Shammari – Chairperson of the 6th EMPS.

Their mission is to advance and support the aims and objectives of the Federation at regional level

EMRO Subcommittees

The rest of EMRO Team is represented as EMRO Subcommittees, which are divided into:
1. Regional Secretary Subcommittee
    Omer Karfis – Sudan
    Fadoua Boumerzoug – Algeria

2. Regional Projects Subcommittee
    Roaa Soliman – Sudan
    Omar Mosalam – Egypt
    Nuran Algohary – Egypt

3. Regional Relations Subcommittee
    Mustafa Hadhoud – Egypt
    Aya Khattab – Egypt
    Sarah Hassan – Egypt

4. Regional Media & Publications Subcommittee
    Engi El-Shamy – Egypt
    Noran El-Maadawy – Egypt
    Mahmoud Magdy – Egypt
    Mohamed El-Sheikh – Sudan
    Omar Ewida – Egypt
    Ahmed Basiony – Egypt
    Mohamed Akram – Egypt

Interested in more details about each? View the full EMRO Subcommittees page here