The Development Fund (DF) was established in 1969. Since then its main goal has been to give each and every pharmacy student an equal opportunity to fully participate in IPSF activities.

The Development Fund was originally created to help people participate in IPSF Congresses. In addition to this, it can nowadays support students when they are taking part in the IPSF Student Exchange Programme, running IPSF Campaigns or IPSF membership fees.

When making decisions on DF Grants, applicants coming from the developing countries are prioritised. The Development Fund is steered by the Development Fund Committee that consists of three members and the IPSF Treasurer. It is chaired by the Development Fund Co-ordinator (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). Also the Chairperson of Student Exchange and the Student Exchange Committee are taking part in the decisions on Student Exchange grants.

The main source of the DF funds is charity auctions held in the IPSF World Congress and in the Regional Symposia. The idea of the auction is that congress participants bring unique and genuine items from their home countries. Some items are even especially tailor-made for the auction. Other income sources are donations and congress profits. IPSF congresses are non-profit events but in the occasion of any profit, the congress host must donate part of the profit to the Development Fund according to IPSF constitution. If you wish to donate money please contact to IPSF Treasurer (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

Ganesh Subdedi from Nepal received a DF Grant to participate in IPSF Congress in Australia 2006.
Here he shows how to play a traditional Nepalese instrument.

Development Fund Grants

Each year, the DF Committee sends out the calls for applications to DF grants. All applicants have to send in an official application form by the deadline set by the DF Committee and they must follow the guidlines in the application form and call for applications. Calls are distributed through the IPSF website and IPSF e-groups and IPSF Contact Persons are responsible for distributing it further nationally.

  • DF Event Grant is for the IPSF World Congress, Asian Pacific Pharmaceutical Symposium (APPS) and Eastern-Mediterranean Pharmaceutical Symposium (EMPS). The application period is usually from December to February. This grant can cover the registration fee, registration fee and travel costs partly or registration fee and travel costs fully.

  • DF Student Exchange Grant is meant to support students participating in the IPSF Student Exchange Programme. It covers the Student Exchange fee and part of travel costs. The application period is usually from December to February. National Student Exchange Officers (SEO) are distributing information about this grant nationally.

The IPSF Development Fund and Student Exchange Committees 2013-14 are pleased to announce a new grant to be awarded. The applications deadline will be the 15th March 2014. Don’t miss out on this opportunity if you’re planning on going on SEP next summer!


  • DF Project Grant is designed to financially enable the implementation of IPSF campaigns within member organisations.

  • DF Membership Fee Grant is meant to pay membership fees of IPSF Members associations from developing countries. To be able to get a grant members must actively participate in IPSF activities over the past and the coming year. A member can get this grant only in two years of three and this grant can not cover any membership fee debt or student exchange fees. The application period is from October to March.

Articles of DF Grant recipients

Article by a student from Indonesia who received a Development Fund Grant to attend the 56th IPSF World Congress, 2nd - 12th August 2010, Ljubljana, Slovenia.

If you are interested to be participate on Development Fund Project or if you wish to donate funds for Development Fund please contact to IPSF Treasurer (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

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