Executive Members elected during the 1994 Congress

President Riku Ruhanen, Finland
Secretary General (2nd year)
Naomi Smith, Great Britain (resigned April 1995)
Andy Scerbe-Saiko, Austria
Ch. of Information & Education Mario Bueso, Honduras
Ch. of Public Relations
Keith van Heerden, South Africa
Ch. of Student Exchange
Genée Logan, South Africa

Riku Ruhanen had been co-opted to work with the Executive during the previous year.

40th IPSF Congress, Tegucigalpa, Honduras

4 - 14 August 1994
In Central America, the Honduran Reception Committee offered a dual-sited Congress with the first half in the capital - Tegucigalpa before moving to the coastal town of Téla to complete the business.
A fantastic social programme gave delegates a taste of Latin life.
The closing dinner was in more of a hurry than previous years. It had to finish before 10.30pm when the electricity would be switched off.
A Post Congress Tour was also organised for delegates to enjoy the paradise island of Roátan …snorkelling, piña colada and sleeping in hammocks….heaven!!

Executive Members elected during the 1993 Congress

President Ruth Casalvalone, South Africa
Secretary General
Naomi Smith, Great Britain
Thomas Luedi, Switzerland
Ch. of Information & Education Eustace Orleans-Lindsay, Ghana
Ch. of Public Relations
Danielle Zammit, Malta
Ch. of Student Exchange
Aydin Alper Sahin, Turkey
Coopted member 1994 Riku Ruhanen, Finland

39th IPSF Congress, Cape Town South Africa
15 - 24 August 1993
The congress was held for the second time in South Africa in the magnificent Breakwater Lodge in Cape Town.
Mr. FW de Klerk, the State President of South Africa welcomed delegates to South Africa during the Opening Ceremony. An inspirational speech from the IPSF president set the tone for the Congress.
The reception committee had planned a fabulous social programme including a 'Cape Town Jol', a typical South African Evening - with LOTS of wine - and the usual International Evening and DF Auction. Congress participants also had the chance to visit the Groote Schuur Haspital in Cape Town.

Executive Members elected during the 1992 Congress

President Peter Maag, Germany
Secretary General (appointed)
Jacqui Wilmot, South Africa
Treasurer (appointed)
Thomas Luedi, Switzerland
Ch. of Information & Education Ruth Mosiman, Switzerland
Ch. of Public Relations
Danielle Zammit, Malta
Ch. of Student Exchange
Santi Salvat, Catalonia, Spain

A French candidate was not elected to the position of Treasurer and there was no election for Secretary General. Thomas and Jacqui were therefore appointed to these positions after elections.

38th IPSF Congress, Lisbon, Portugal
15 - 24 August 1992
The "Fish and Rice Congress" took place in sunny Portugal where delegates enjoyed a 'sixties' party, a typical Portuguese evening and a bull fight among the varied Congress Programme.
The Opening Ceremony was held at the Faculty of Pharmacy, a ten minute walk from the Colegio Universitario Pio XII, which housed all the delegates.

Executive Members elected during the 1991 Congress

President Christian Wurstbauer, Austria
Secretary General (appointed)
Caroline Waldron, Ireland
Treasurer (appointed)
Ewout Quekel, The Netherlands
Ch. of Information & Education Peter Maag, Germany
Ch. of Publication Edith Agius, Malta
Ch. of Student Exchange
Sarah Berkley, USA

Mathijs Kalmeijer resigned half way through a two year term as Treasurer due to outside activities. Ewout and Caroline were appointed to the positions of Treasurer and Secretary General by the incoming Executive after the posts remained vacant.

37th IPSF Congress, Bahar ic-Caghhaq, Malta
30 July - 8 August 1991
246 square kilometres in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea was forced to expand its boundaries for the IPSF Congress to welcome pharmacy students to fully enjoy "Malta - Where the sun shines from the heart!"
The RC prepared a social programme including a sunset beach barbecue, a day trip to the Island of Gozo and a ferry ride.

The President of the Republic of Malta - Dr V Tabone - officially opened the Congress.

Executive Members elected during the 1990 Congress

President Christian Wurstbauer, Austria
Secretary General (2nd Year)
Judith Balon, Great Britain
Mathijs Kalmeijer, The Netherlands
Ch. of Information & Education  
Ch. of Publication Sandra Garcia, Costa Rica
Ch. of Student Exchange
Monica Mestre, Catalonia

36th IPSF Congress, Vienna, Austria
8 - 17 August 1990
The "Mineral Water Congress", so called after a major sponsor was held in Vienna and enjoyed a varied programme including a disco, a 'Fairy Tales' fancy dress party and the now well established International Evening.
The Closing Banquet was the formal highlight of the Congress and participants appreciated the waltzing lessons they had received during the Austrian evening.
A number of Austrian pharmaceutical companies took part in a small fair with stands and representatives on hand to answer questions.

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