Executive Members elected during the 1951 Congress

President  François Milliet, Switzerland
Vice-President  John Drapkin, South Africa
Secretary General  Sidney J Relph, Great Britain
Liaison Secretary (FIP)  Koos Bosman, The Netherlands
Treasurer  Per Lund Nielsen, Denmark
Ch. of Information  John Drapkin, South Africa
Ch. of Education  Koos Bosman, The Netherlands
Ch. of Student Exchange  Eddie Geirnaerdt, The Netherlands

2nd IPSF Congress , Copenhagen , Denmark
20-23 August 1951
"A comparative study of Pharmaceutical Education"

The purpose of the Congress was, to quote from the presidential address:

"To examine our organisation once more and to modify it according to our future needs; to make a comprehensive study of our various pharmaceutical education systems; to set up a Committee of Student Exchange and lastly, to ensure that an adequate method of disseminating the information collected by IPSF is worked out."

The First IPSF Executive

President Sidney J Relph, Great Britain
Vice-President John P O'Grady, Ireland
Secretary General Bent Foltmann, Denmark
Liaison Secretary (FIP) Koos Bosman, The Netherlands
Treasurer Christiana de Groot, The Netherlands

1st IPSF Congress, London, Great Britain
Due to practical problems, the first IPSF Conference was arranged in London and not in connection with the FIP Congress in Brussels in October
The Conference was opened on August 23rd and the Irishman, John P O’Grady was elected as temporary Chairman

Preparatory meeting
11th April, 1948, London

Mr SB Challon, Secretary of the British Pharmaceutical Students' Association (BPSA) first suggested the possibility of forming an international association of pharmacy students. On the final day of the 6th BPSA Annual Conference the matter was discussed. Thirteen countries were represented: Belgium, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Great Britain, India, Ireland, the Netherlands, Norway, Pakistan, Sweden and Switzerland.

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