Executive Members elected during the 1999 Congress

João Carapinha, South Africa
Secretary General
Germano Ferreira, Portugal
Treasurer (2nd year)
Satu Siiskonen, Finland
Ch. of Information & Education & PO
Diane Gal, Canada
Ch. of Public Relations
Eliphace Mkumbo, Tanzania
Ch. of Publications Pu─Źnik, Slovenia
Ch. of Student Exchange
Ana Pocovi, Spain

45th IPSF Congress, London, Great Britain
12 - 23 August 1998
Back in the Heart the UK for the 50th Anniversary celebrations and the 45th Congress.
Congress delegates enjoyed a boat trip down the Thames (in the rain), an open top bus tour as well as an International evening to surpass all others!
DF Auction raised more than GBP 2000 with one T-shirt making more than GBP 180!!!!

Congress business
A full day was dedicated to Tobacco Alert, with smokers being asked to sign a contract to quit for the day.
The first ASHP Clinical Skills Event was held with around 50 delegates taking part.

"Pharmacists Working Better for Patients: Into the next Millennium"
The symposium was spread over two days with a selection of workshops on the topic as well as presentations from speakers from Sierra Leone and the United States.

Delegates could choose from 'Smoking Cessation', 'The Healthy Heart' and 'Asthma Management'.

Poster Exhibition
"Innovative Technology in Pharmacy"

No. of participants
200 delegates from 40 countries

Membership matters

New Full Member Bulgaria
 New Members in Association PSFDPU, Greece
  AEPHAR, Rwanda
  NUSPS, Singapore

Other IPSF Events
The sixth IPSF/FIP Students' Day will held during the FIP Congress in Barcelona, Spain. The joint document on Pharmaceutical Education will be launched

World News
Genocide in Kosovo
President Bill Clinton, USA undergoes impeachment trial

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