Executive Members elected during the 1998 Congress

Goncalo Sousa Pinto, Portugal
Secretary General
Helena Westermark, Sweden
Satu Siiskonen, Finland
Ch. of Information & Education Mitja Kos, Slovenia
Ch. of Public Relations
Oriol Lacorte, Catalonia, Spain
Ch. of Publications Thomas Luft, Germany
Ch. of Student Exchange
Melandi Stander, South Africa

44th IPSF Congress, Helsinki, Finland
18 - 25 August 1998
Originally this Congress was to be in Egypt, but following a bomb attack in Cairo early in 1998, the IPSF Executive made the difficult decision to cancel that Congress.
Finland offered to step in and organised a congress in only nine months.
For the first time a GA was held on a boat sailing in international (duty-free!) waters between Finland and Sweden.
Once back on dry land and recovering from 'land sickness', Congress continued in a town a few miles outside of Helsinki.

Congress business
The GA accepts Arabic as an official IPSF language
The last USP sponsored Patient Counselling Event took place this year.
Tobacco Alert campaign launched.

"The Role of the Pharmacist in Self Care and Self Medication"

'Problem based learning', 'Patient Counselling Event' and 'Tobacco Alert'

Poster Exhibition
"Bridging the Gap: Physicians & Pharmacists Working Together for Optimal Patient Care"

No. of participants
150 participants from around 36 countries

Honorary Life Members
Alison Sutherland, South Africa
Riku Ruhanen, Finland
Winna Shango, Tanzania

Membership matters

New Full Member APEF, Portugal
  NoPSA, Norway
  Czech Republic changes its membership to Full Membership
New Members in Association UTAPS (Jamaica)
  LQCBFM (Mexico)
  ACEQF (Colombia)
  PANS (Nigeria)
  IUPSA (Turkey)

Other IPSF Events
The fifth IPSF/FIP Students' Day was held during the FIP Congress in The Hague, The Netherlands with the title "Career Opportunities in Pharmacy"
The first IPSF Scientific Symposium took place in Coimbra, Portugal

World News
Genocide in Kosovo
President Bill Clinton, USA undergoes impeachment trial
Soccer world cup takes place in France and is won by home nation

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