Executive Members elected during the 1995 Congress

President Genée Logan, South Africa
Secretary General
Sally Arnison, Great Britain
Treasurer (2nd year)
Andy Scerbe-Saiko, Austria
Ch. of Information & Education Russell Endres, USA
Ch. of Public Relations
Helena Ferreira, South Africa
Ch. of Student Exchange
Gemma Campabadal, Catalonia, Spain

41st IPSF Congress, Accra, Ghana
13 - 22 August 1995
An IPSF Congress visits West Africa for the first time and becomes better known as the 'Chicken and Rice Congress' rather than the 'Tropical adventure with a taste of paradise'!
Of course there was the Opening Ceremony and Closing Dinner. In between the time was filled with sightseeing of Accra and the Cape Coast as well as the International Evening and Fancy Dress Party.

Congress business
The Neema Project in Tanzania was launched again
The IPSF AIDS Awareness Project was approved as well as a number of motions to standardise the format of IPSF Publications.
The Student Exchange Workshop brought out many motions to try to improve the scheme.

"The quality of drugs moving in international commerce".

"African Traditional Medicine", "WHO Concerns" and "The Pharmacist as a central point in Health Care Delivery" were just three of the five workshops on offer.

No. of participants
Around 75 delegates

Honorary Life Members
Thomas Leudi, Switzerland

Membership matters

New Full Members EPSF, Egypt

In memory
Klimment Stojkovski of Macedonia died in September from Malaria contracted during the IPSF Congress.
A founder member of the MPSA, Klimment had been active at IPSF Congresses since 1993. He will be remembered as a good-hearted, fun-loving IPSF friend.

World News

Israeli Prime Minister Yitsak Rabin assassinated in Jerusalem
The leaders of Serbia, Macedonia and Bosnia sign a peace agreement in Dayton, Ohio.
Jacque Chirac elected President of France
Federal building in Oklahoma, USA destroyed by bomb

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