Executive Members elected during the 1994 Congress

President Riku Ruhanen, Finland
Secretary General (2nd year)
Naomi Smith, Great Britain (resigned April 1995)
Andy Scerbe-Saiko, Austria
Ch. of Information & Education Mario Bueso, Honduras
Ch. of Public Relations
Keith van Heerden, South Africa
Ch. of Student Exchange
Genée Logan, South Africa

Riku Ruhanen had been co-opted to work with the Executive during the previous year.

40th IPSF Congress, Tegucigalpa, Honduras

4 - 14 August 1994
In Central America, the Honduran Reception Committee offered a dual-sited Congress with the first half in the capital - Tegucigalpa before moving to the coastal town of Téla to complete the business.
A fantastic social programme gave delegates a taste of Latin life.
The closing dinner was in more of a hurry than previous years. It had to finish before 10.30pm when the electricity would be switched off.
A Post Congress Tour was also organised for delegates to enjoy the paradise island of Roátan …snorkelling, piña colada and sleeping in hammocks….heaven!!

Congress business
IPSF gained its permanent office at the FIP Headquarters in The Hague, The Netherlands. An IPSF Executive member will be living in The Hague as the Permanent Officer to handle the daily running of the Federation. Because of this the two permanent printing & distribution offices in Austria and in The Netherlands were dissolved.
The IPSF ten year plan, launched in 1989 in Philadelphia was once again discussed. Almost all the original goals had been achieved. It was decided that a ten year plan was too long for IPSF as the rate of change is rapid and a two year programme of planning would be more appropriate.
Two Village concept projects (VCP) were also launched this year in Ghana and Tanzania as part of the IMISO partnership of which IPSF is a member.
For the first time the Patient Counselling Event was held in Spanish as well as in English.

"Environmental Contamination and Pharmaceutical Expectatives"
The Symposium was held in two languages - Spanish and English with speakers mainly from Latin America.

As well as a workshop on the symposium topic, the following were on offer: "The Pharmacist and Co-Dependence", "Cholera" and "IMISO".

Poster Exhibition
"The role of the pharmacist in primary health care"

Other IPSF Events
The first IPSF/FIP Students' Day was held during the FIP Congress in Lisbon, Portugal
The first IPSF/USP Exchange takes place in Washington DC

World News
Nelson Mandela sworn in as President of South Africa following the first democratic elections
Hope for peace in Ireland with IRA ceasefire
Genocide in African killing fields of Rwanda
Earthquake hits Los Angeles, USA

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