Executive Members elected during the 1992 Congress

President Peter Maag, Germany
Secretary General (appointed)
Jacqui Wilmot, South Africa
Treasurer (appointed)
Thomas Luedi, Switzerland
Ch. of Information & Education Ruth Mosiman, Switzerland
Ch. of Public Relations
Danielle Zammit, Malta
Ch. of Student Exchange
Santi Salvat, Catalonia, Spain

A French candidate was not elected to the position of Treasurer and there was no election for Secretary General. Thomas and Jacqui were therefore appointed to these positions after elections.

38th IPSF Congress, Lisbon, Portugal
15 - 24 August 1992
The "Fish and Rice Congress" took place in sunny Portugal where delegates enjoyed a 'sixties' party, a typical Portuguese evening and a bull fight among the varied Congress Programme.
The Opening Ceremony was held at the Faculty of Pharmacy, a ten minute walk from the Colegio Universitario Pio XII, which housed all the delegates.

Congress business
The Executive office of Chairperson of Publications was changes to Chairperson of Public Relations with responsibility for collecting and editing New Bulletin articles as well as an enhanced role in membership promotion. AFÖP, Austria became PPDO II with responsibility for layout and printing of the News Bulletin whilst ANPSV remained as PPDO I in the Netherlands.
ASEP, Switzerland was instructed to be the official link between IPSF and the World Health Organisation (WHO) in Geneva, the aim being for IPSF to apply for status as a non-governmental organisation within WHO.

Mr Alan Davidson, The FIP General Secretary, spoke to the GA about the opportunities facilitating membership of pharmacy students in FIP.
Forty participants took part in the USP Patient Counselling Event and all received a T-shirt, pen and USP DI.

"The Pharmacist's Role in AIDS Prevention"

Health Education, Pharmacoeconomics, Pharmacosurveillance, The IPSF Ten Year Plan, and Patient Counselling by Mr Valentino from the USP Convention.

Poster Exhibition
"Patient Orientated Pharmacy in Undergraduate Education"

Honorary Life Members
Christian Wurstbauer, Austria

Membership matters

New Full Members APhA-ASP, USA replacing PCP&S
  FEEF, Spain replacing JMCiB, Catalonia
  TPYC, Turkey
  SSSFD, Slovenia
New Members in Association  BAPS, Belgium


World News
Bill Clinton becomes US President
South Africa approves reforms giving blacks equal rights
UN troops protect international food supplies in Somalia
Earth summit held in Rio. Convention on Protection of Species and Habitat signed.

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