The IPSF Annual Awards includes the Sidney J. Relph Award for the Overall Best Performance and the Otto Föcking Award for the Best Performance as a New Member.

Sidney was the first President, Otto was the third, and also had role in the second and fourth Exec too as Treasurer, and all around motivator, his belongings that he donated to us for the 1999 Anniversary Congress make up most of the Archives about the first ten years of IPSF. Sidney died a while ago, Otto did too in June 2009
Sidney J. Relph was the first IPSF President and Otto Föcking was the third.

The selection of the recipients of the Annual Awards is based on a closed e-voting performed by the member associations.

The results are announced during the IPSF world congress.

Previous IPSF Annual Awards recipients:

Year Sidney J. Ralph Award Otto Föcking Award
SSSFD, Slovenia MyPSA, Malaysia
2009/2010 BPhD, Germany QPhUS, Qatar
2010/2011 EPSF, Egypt ATEP, Tunisia
2011/2012 NAPSer, Serbia ASEPA, Algeria
2012/2013 IPA-SF, India ZPSA, Zimbabwe
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